Kids stay and eat free

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We know that busy families need relaxing getaways to reconnect and have fun.

Whether you choose Holiday Inn hotels as a stop along the way or as your ultimate destination, you’ll enjoy a family friendly atmosphere at a family friendly rate.

Not only Kid friendly, KID PREFERRED !

To 5 reasons kids love Holiday Inn Hotels:

1- Our meals are free*

Mom doesn’t get a bill for our food, which always makes her happy. 

2- We’re VIPs

When we’re at Holiday Inn, everyone is treated like a VIP, even the kids!

3- We can stay for free.*

Sleeping in our parents’ room means lots of time together.

4- We get our own special menu.

We get to eat the foods we like. And order from our own special menu.

5- We can have all the fun we want.

Unlike some hotels, Holiday Inn welcomes kids. It’s kinda like home, but a lot better.

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